Monday, July 6, 2009

5 Day Professional Intensive Diploma Course Squires Kitchen

Juz back from 5 day course really tired and I felt sick and have to take MC 2 days.

I'm talking about the Squire's Kitchen first ever Diploma course in Asia which were held from 1-5th July 2009 at the ICCA Kota Damansara. Our wonderful Instructor Rosalind Chan, an International Sugar Artist Instructor and owner of the ICCA.

I’ve registered for this intensive course about a month before. Actually I would like to take the course 1,2 and 3 juz only for the certificate but after a while I think it is better for me to take the intensive course because I think that I’ve a litle bit of experience compared to our instructor that is much much more experienced than me.(hehehe)….

During the introduction process, most of the participants were my new collegues and most of them have their own basic knowledge or skill about baking and decorating a cake and this made it easier for them to do the work given by the instructor. But nevertheless it will be difficult for newbie who don’t have strong basic skill but Rosalind will try to help them until they are done. Rosalind told us that we have to concerntrate in our class and let go all the problem we have and have fun learning in the class. While we were covering the cake, I can still hear sound of laughter from my classmates this showed how happy we were in the class.

When it come to stringwork process (hahaha this time everyone was concerntrating on their stringwork on the cake and not a single laughter was heard) everyone knew that this will be the hardest part of the learning process. Actually I’ve done stringwork on my cake before but I was using the no 2 and 3 nozel but in the class, Rosalind asked us to use no 1L tips. This size of nozel is very small and it made it hard for a person who are having short sightedness like me hahahaa. When I first started the stringwork using the small 1L the result was embrassing because it will always end up ‘patah’..while doing it and in every line I was reciting bismillah(hehe) add some ‘dotted spot’ on every line u will have to cry first!!(hahaah) because it was very difficult but when I saw some of my classmate have finished their work it made me think that why I cant finish this srtingwork while others can so I did my best but it turned out as a failure(hahahaha) I still having problem using the small size nozel. In a nutshell I was an amazing 5 days experienced!! that will not be forgotten but wait!!..for short sightedness person don’t forget to bring your spec next time..(hehehe). Rosalind said if u go for competition the smallerst tips are get more remark… did I wil do.. Oooo no…no. not me.

My favourite module is to make a bridal..because many kind of facial appearances appear (hahaahaha..fierce,funny,stupid,annoying)…hahahaa.. while doing that everyone was laughing around until our instructor thought we were playing around..hahah..and many kind of attire were created during that time.

In my opinion this course is quite difficult for those who don’t have strong basic knowledge and skill about baking and decorating a cake because the time constrain and my advise for this kind of people don’t participate in this course because it will hard to catch up and go somewhere else and gain more knowledge first if not it will be a waste if u pay a quite amount of money and u learn nothing. But nevertheless for those who have strong basic please attend this course because it is worth it. Yuhuhuhu…I love this course….

BIG THANK YOU TO ROSALIND AND THE REST OF ICCA STAFF, EDLINA, VIVIAN, DORIS, hope will see u again next course. Love you all.


Linda Hussin said...

Wahh. Kak Mis dh attend ye course ni. Mcm mana? Best? Kalau beginner mcm Linda sesuai ke ye? Tringin nk g tp takut tak terkejar apa yg dia ajar =D

Aimi said... mesti satu kelas dgn anna kan??? sebab dia pun pegi gak.... tunjukla hasilnya kak mis... teruja nak join, tapi saya ni masih terkial2...

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